International American families are wildly under-served by a wealth management industry that has become ever more provincial.

We have built the US Family Office specifically to help these families co-ordinate their global wealth from a financial planning, investment management and tax reporting perspective.


Partner & Head of US Family Office

Our Approach

The US Family Office specialises in helping international Americans organise their affairs into a coherent global strategy, invest their assets for preservation and growth within the various regulatory frameworks and provide clear and concise reporting.

Our all-encompassing financial planning process concentrates on both tax optimisation investment strategies and tax efficient structuring.



We organise and manage our clients’ worldwide assets, delivering a coherent and global wealth and investment strategy.

  • US/UK/EU tax efficient financial planning
  • US/UK/EU pension planning
  • Using US foreign tax credits
  • Tax planning opportunities
  • Estate planning opportunities
  • Access to credit facilities
  • Philanthropy and grants


Our clients’ portfolios are managed to achieve their long-term goals in-line with their risk tolerance.

  • US-compliant investment strategies
  • Multi-currency investing
  • Multi-strategy and multi-asset class portfolios
  • Focus on capital preservation


We provide consolidated reporting across all our clients’ UK, US, European and offshore assets.

  • US calendar year reporting
  • UK and Europe fiscal year reporting
  • Separation of short and long-term gains
  • 1099, 3520, FBAR information
  • £/$ FX gains and losses

A United Approach Podcast

Robert Paul, Partner and Head of the US Family Office, speaks with professionals who specialise in supporting international Americans.

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