International American families are wildly under-served by a wealth management industry that has become ever more provincial.

We have built the US Family Office specifically to help these families co-ordinate their global wealth from a financial planning, investment management and tax reporting perspective.


Partner & Head of US Family Office

Our Approach

The US Family Office specialises in helping international Americans organise their affairs into a coherent global strategy, invest their assets for preservation and growth within the various regulatory frameworks and provide clear and concise reporting.

Our all-encompassing financial planning process concentrates on both tax optimisation investment strategies and tax efficient structuring.



We organise and manage our clients’ worldwide assets, delivering a coherent and global wealth and investment strategy.

  • US/UK/EU tax efficient financial planning
  • US/UK/EU pension planning
  • Using US foreign tax credits
  • Tax planning opportunities
  • Estate planning opportunities
  • Access to credit facilities
  • Philanthropy and grants


Our clients’ portfolios are managed to achieve their long-term goals in-line with their risk tolerance.

  • US-compliant investment strategies
  • Multi-currency investing
  • Multi-strategy and multi-asset class portfolios
  • Focus on capital preservation


We provide consolidated reporting across all our clients’ UK, US, European and offshore assets.

  • US calendar year reporting
  • UK and Europe fiscal year reporting
  • Separation of short and long-term gains
  • 1099, 3520, FBAR information
  • £/$ FX gains and losses

Is your wealth management truly borderless?

True wealth frees you from the physical constraints of borders. Today’s wealthy families and individuals don’t just travel and live internationally… they have multiple locations globally that they think of as home. This changes over time as they expand their horizons and explore.

Wealth managers need to offer a service that reflects this reality, but a surprising number of them don’t.

Five questions to ask yourself…


Can they develop a single, global strategy (and management team) for all of my wealth?


Do they thrive on complexity (and make it make sense)?


Do they offer consolidated, multi-currency reporting?


Do they have strategically placed offices with local regulated experts?


Do they have a global, active, direct and long-term approach to investment management?

A United Approach Podcast

Robert Paul, Partner and Head of the US Family Office, speaks with professionals who specialise in supporting international Americans.

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