Our all-encompassing financial planning process for US citizens and Green Card holders concentrates on both tax optimisation investment strategies and tax efficient structuring.


Most wealthy families have the same goal: they want to grow their assets steadily over time without taking on significant risk. It sounds simple, but all too frequently expat Americans find themselves victims of an incoherent and disjointed approach brought about by having assets, in different countries, managed by different managers, without a single view across them all. 

The US Family Office specialises in helping international Americans organise their affairs into a coherent global strategy, invest their assets for preservation and growth within the various regulatory frameworks and provide clear and concise reporting.

Our all-encompassing financial planning process concentrates on both tax optimisation investment strategies and tax efficient structuring.


We feel there are three key considerations to ensure you get the most from your wealth, irrespective of where it is located.


Too often, investments across the world are treated as if they are mutually exclusive. Each account is treated as a separate silo with no one taking a step back and thinking how it all fits together.

For an international American family, treating each investment account in isolation doesn’t work: there should be a single global strategy in place, marrying asset allocation and currency allocation and ensuring compliance with various tax regimes.


This might seem like a fairly obvious thing to say however this is not to do with the individual assets bought but more how they are managed. As wealth managers of international families we must look globally and understand the implications of our investment decisions in every reporting country. Is that Dollar loss really a Sterling gain?


US information talks in USD and on a calendar year basis but the UK reports in GBP from the 6th – 5th April. At best a UK accountant will have a good knowledge of the US and know what they are looking at, at worst this will be completely alien.

International American families need knowledgeable and experienced advisers and consolidated reporting information on all their assets in the correct format for both the US and UK tax filings, saving time, cost and complication.

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What we do for you

Financial Planning

We organise and manage our clients’ worldwide assets, delivering a coherent and global wealth and investment strategy. This includes:

  • Multi-jurisdictional wealth planning
  • Advice on pensions, brokerage accounts and investment products (US/Offshore/UK)
  • Multi-currency cashflow modelling and retirement planning
  • Coordination of legal and tax advisers
  • Family board meetings
  • Philanthropy and grants

Tax & Advanced Planning

Effective tax efficient planning and advanced wealth structuring are critical components of preserving and growing your wealth. We provide:

  • US/UK/EU tax efficient financial planning
  • Guidance and awareness on trust and estate planning
  • Philanthropy
  • Liquidity event planning

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide tax advice, we collaborate with you and your London & Capital Adviser to structure your wealth in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Investment Management

Our clients’ portfolios are managed to achieve their long-term goals in-line with their risk tolerance. We provide:

  • US/UK/EU compliant investment strategies
  • Multi-currency investing
  • Multi-strategy and multi-asset class portfolios
  • Discretionary investments
  • Ability to manage money domestically in the US, in the UK and in Europe

Global Reporting

We provide consolidated reporting across all of your wealth, including offshore and globally when relevant. This includes:

  • US calendar year reporting
  • UK and Europe fiscal year reporting
  • Separation of short and long-term gains and losses
  • 1099, 3520 and FBAR information
  • Multi currency reports
  • FX gains and losses
  • Access to our client portal to view all your global assets in one place

Why do International Americans choose London & Capital?

Specialised Expertise

Our 35+ dedicated team specialises in the nuances of wealth structuring and international tax, ensuring you receive the most relevant and effective guidance, wherever you are in the world.

Customised Solutions

We recognise that every client is unique, and we tailor our strategies based on your specific situation and personal goals.

Peace of Mind

By working with us, you can navigate the complexities of wealth structuring and tax regulations with confidence, knowing you have a dedicated partner.

Transparent Collaboration

We collaborate closely with you and your advisors, fostering a transparent and efficient approach to achieving your financial objectives.

Global Reach

Our presence in Barcelona and dedicated team who work with American citizens, reaffirm our commitment to providing comprehensive services to individuals with international wealth.


True wealth frees you from the physical constraints of borders.

Today’s wealthy families and individuals don’t just travel and live internationally… they have multiple locations globally that they think of as home. This changes over time as they expand their horizons and explore.
Wealth managers need to offer a service that reflects this reality, but a surprising number of them don’t.

A united approach podcast

Robert Paul, Partner and Head of the US Family Office, speaks with professionals who specialise in supporting international Americans.

The US Family Office Team

International American families are wildly under-served by a wealth management industry that has become ever more provincial.
We have built the US Family Office specifically to help these families co-ordinate their global wealth from a financial planning, investment management and tax reporting perspective.


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