Whistleblowing Channel

London and Capital Group makes available to all its stakeholders a secure channel to submit any concerns about possible malpractice and breaches of London and Capital Group’s Code of Ethics as well as any applicable law and regulation applicable to each jurisdiction, including, the provisions of EU Directive 2019/1937 on whistleblower protection.

The communications received via the Whistleblowing Channel will be treated as confidential, ensuring that there are not reprisals, protecting the whistleblower as well as any other individuals cooperating during the investigation process.

London & Capital aims to embed a culture of transparency and communication and for such purposes it applies the attached Whistleblowing Channel Policy & Procedure together with the Internal Information System Policy & Procedure, the latter exclusively applicable for the EU (London & Capital Europe).

Whistleblowing Channel Policy & Procedure

Internal Information System Policy & Procedure (London & Capital Europe)

Whistleblowing Form