Investment Management

Our dedicated team of experts are committed to excellence and a focus on delivering results. We take pride in our in-house investment capabilities and the diverse portfolio options we provide.

What to expect

Whether you are well-versed in financial markets or exploring investment opportunities for the first time, London & Capital is dedicated to delivering a tailored investment experience that aligns with your unique financial objectives and risk tolerance.

You can expect a blend of expertise and a personalised service. For the investment-savvy, we offer sophisticated strategies tailored to optimise returns and manage risk. For those new to investing, our team provides comprehensive guidance, ensuring a clear understanding of the investment landscape.

Our approach is characterised by long term selective strategies designed to compound family wealth.

Building portfolios to preserve and grow wealth

We take pride in our in-house investment capability, comprising of dedicated asset class experts and Portfolio Managers working together to actively manage your portfolios. With strong commitment to research, analysis, and staying ahead of market trends, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

By keeping all investment activities in-house, we maintain a high level of control, transparency, and accountability. This approach ensures that your investment strategies align seamlessly with your financial goals and risk tolerance.


Your financial goals are our top priority, and we work tirelessly to help you achieve them.


Our in-house investment team is at the helm, managing your portfolio actively.

Tailored Solutions

Your portfolio is customised to align with your risk tolerance, objectives, and time horizon.


We take an active approach to asset allocation and stock selection, in order to deliver your objectives.


We provide clear, comprehensive reporting to keep you informed about your investments.

Peace of Mind

Leave the day-to-day decision-making to us while enjoying the confidence of professional management.

Asset allocation

Asset allocation is a fundamental concept within your wealth plan, and it plays a crucial role in achieving your long-term financial goals. Simply put, it’s the way we decide to spread your investments across different types of assets, like stocks, bonds, and other investment options.

These allocations are designed to achieve long-term client objectives and provide diversified exposure for a range of scenarios. We invest across:

  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Alternatives

In essence, asset allocation is the foundation of your wealth plan, helping you build and preserve your financial security over the long haul. It’s not a rigid strategy; it’s a flexible tool that adapts to the evolving financial world, ensuring your investments stay on the right track to meet your goals.

If you’re new to investing, our Advisers will talk you through everything in detail and ensure you’re totally comfortable with your portfolio.

Our investment approach


We believe the most reliable strategy to compounding growth and outperforming the market over the long-term is to construct portfolios that control downside risks and preserve capital in adverse economic conditions and financial market stress.


We believe it is important to take full advantage of the global opportunity set and to invest with a mid to long-term mind-set over which our expectations and assumptions are likely to be more stable.


Fundamental to our approach is translating our macro-economic, asset class and security analysis into active asset class views and security selection, building portfolios with quality and income at their core.


We do not believe in constraining portfolios to benchmarks, we prefer to target client objectives and measure risk in terms of potential loss rather than deviation from prescribed allocations.


We’re keenly aware that the financial landscape can be dynamic, with market conditions and economic factors shifting through various phases of the economic cycle. In response to these changes, we may make shorter-term tactical adjustments to your asset allocation. These tactical adjustments are designed to seize favourable opportunities for a better risk/return profile or to safeguard your capital when conditions become uncertain.

A great way to keep up with our house views is by reading our quarterly macro outlook or registering for our quarterly webinar, The Debrief, with our CIO.

What makes us different?

There is a combination of factors that differentiate our investment approach:

We take a genuinely global approach, and our portfolios have no home bias.

We do not constrain our asset allocation or investment strategies to benchmarks and make active asset allocation and security decisions.

In order to embed resilience, we put quality and income at the core of our portfolios.

We take internal ownership of the investment process and risk management by investing directly in fixed income and equity markets and only using external managers for non-core investments.

We have deep expertise in fixed income, investing in a broad spectrum of credit opportunities.

We have strong internal investment capability with experienced and dedicated asset class experts.

Proven track record through volatile markets

We actively encourage client engagement with our investment decision makers.

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