Joshua Moss

Executive Director

Joshua Moss LinkedIn Profile

Josh is an Executive Director within the US Family Office, advising US-connected families and individuals in the co-ordination and management of their wealth across multiple jurisdictions.

He has extensive experience in structuring global assets to ensure his clients are maximising their affairs. This includes setting up strategies prior to arriving and whilst residing in the UK; helping clients to visualise and manage their cashflow effectively and forming US/UK compliant estate plans.

Josh was shortlisted in the Spears Wealth Management Awards as a “Future Leader in Private Client Services.”

Having a broad network of professional contacts allows Josh to provide a joined-up approach across a wide range of matters, highlighted by his recent publications - the London & Capital Roadmap series on TheCable.

Josh has been awarded a Chartered Fellow Membership of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments having achieved the Private Client Investment Advice and Management (PCIAM) qualification, Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.