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We don’t just address the challenges of Tax and Advanced Planning, we help you turn them into opportunities.


Navigating the complexities of tax and advanced planning

Effective tax planning and advanced wealth structuring are critical components of preserving and growing your wealth. Our approach is rooted in providing you with the tools and strategies to optimise your financial situation, especially considering the unique challenges that international Americans face due to FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).

Our Tax and Advanced Planning team consists of three dual qualified US/UK tax advisers, Tahir Mahmood, Ed Johnson and Laima Zirne. Having worked in practice for “big 4” firms and boutique tax practices, they bring a wealth of knowledge to our clients.



PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide tax advice, we collaborate with you and your London & Capital Adviser to structure your wealth in the most tax-efficient way possible.

What to expect as a client

At London & Capital, our approach to wealth management is distinctly planning-led. We go beyond conventional financial strategies by taking a comprehensive view of your entire wealth, life and family dynamics. Your dedicated Adviser will work with a member of the tax team and together you will consider every aspect of your financial landscape, acknowledging the interconnectedness of your personal and professional aspirations.

When crafting a financial plan for your future, we assess your entire wealth portfolio, irrespective of whether it resides with London & Capital or elsewhere. And our commitment extends globally, recognising the international nature of our clients’ financial interests. By prioritising a holistic understanding of your circumstances, we ensure that our financial planning services align seamlessly with your goals, providing you with a roadmap for a secure and prosperous future.

US citizens and green card holders

International Americans, including US citizens living abroad, often encounter intricate tax regulations and reporting requirements. FATCA, in particular, has increased the scrutiny on financial accounts held by US taxpayers outside of the United States. Non-compliance can result in significant penalties, making it crucial to have a strategic approach.

We are expert in managing the complexities of wealth management for US taxpayers residing in the UK and overseas:

Tax Compliant Investments

The use of tax-compliant investments and avoiding punitively taxed ones such as Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs) and HMRC non-reporting funds.

Bespoke asset allocation

A focus on portfolio construction and a bespoke asset allocation which maximises net of US/UK tax returns.

Reducing tax burden

Consideration given to the FATCA reporting requirements of being a US taxpayer living overseas and reducing this burden for you where possible.

Non-domiciled Individuals

Helping families navigate the wealth structuring complexities associated with the non-domiciled regime in the UK:

  • Providing guidance and to help you plan for opportunities in the structuring of your assets, which can occur due to a planned move to or from the UK.
  • We can manage your assets to comply with the remittance basis of tax in the UK, which includes the necessary ongoing capital-income segregation and structuring of accounts with non-UK custodians.
  • We will manage your wealth to preserve and grow your clean capital where possible for your ease of use in the UK.

What we do for you

Trust & Estate Planning

  • Management of your assets considering your exposure to inheritance tax in the UK and estate taxes in the US, whether you are a US taxpayer or not
  • Provide guidance alongside your lawyers and accountants on the creation and use of trust structures, Family Partnerships (FLPs) and Family Investment Companies (FICs)
  • Planning meetings to explore wider estate planning considerations in the context of how your wealth and assets are structured
  • Guidance on generational planning with a focus on how the next generation can be involved in the management of the family wealth


Recognising the significance of philanthropic goals, we are committed to empowering you to achieve your charitable aspirations. We will:

  • Provide guidance on a tax-efficient approach to gifting of assets and investments to charitable causes
  • Help facilitate the use of charitable structures such as private foundations, US/UK Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) with external charity providers
  • Review your philanthropic spending via a dual US/UK cashflow model to see if using cash or appreciated assets is most effective

Liquidity Events

The team’s support encompasses a range of different liquidity events, ranging from asset sales to business exits and employer compensation plans. We can help you:

  • Take a holistic approach, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of how your liquidity event interlaces with the rest of your assets from a wealth and financial planning perspective.
  • Work alongside your tax advisers and lawyers to approach these events US/UK tax-efficiently whilst considering the impact on your overall wealth.

Tax reporting excellence

Your team will be dedicated to delivering exceptional assistance in all matters related to tax reporting. Including:

  • Automatically providing you with the comprehensive information in a consolidated format that is needed to report your investments on your annual US/UK tax return and other informational filings.
  • Direct contact with one of the team for any ad-hoc reporting requests that might be needed to calculate your periodic tax payments.
  • Having all worked at tax firms the team understand what is required from a tax point of view, they can liaise directly with your tax advisors to provide the information required.



Pictured from Left to Right:
ED JOHNSON, Associate Director – Tax
TAHIR MAHMOOD, Director – Tax
LAIMA ZIRNE, Manager – Tax

Why choose London & Capital for tax and advanced planning?

Specialised Expertise

Our team specialises in the nuances of international tax and wealth structuring, ensuring you receive the most relevant and effective guidance.

Customised Solutions

We recognise that every client is unique, and we tailor our strategies based on your specific tax situation and personal goals.

Peace of Mind

By working with us, you can navigate the complexities of tax regulations and wealth structuring with confidence, knowing you have a dedicated partner.

Transparent Collaboration

We collaborate closely with you and your tax advisors, fostering a transparent and efficient approach to achieving your financial objectives.

Global Reach

Our presence in Barcelona and experience with international clients reaffirm our commitment to providing comprehensive services to individuals with international wealth.

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