Wealth Stories

A new podcast about life, relationships and beyond

Episode one

Is divorce and money like horse and carriage?

In the first episode of the new London & Capital podcast series, Wealth Stories, Charmaine Hast, Head of the Family Department at Wedlake Bell, talks with Jenny Judd, Executive Director, and Robert Paul, Partner & Head of US Family Office, on all things money and divorce.

Episode two

The psychological effects of coming into wealth

In the second episode of Wealth Stories Simon Reed, Executive Director at London & Capital and Stephen Daltrey, elite coach explore psychological processes that are likely to impact people at different stages on their wealth journey.

Episode three

Why female investors are the future

In the third episode of wealth stories, Jessica Crane, Executive Director speaks with Kirsten Burt, Marketing Consultant, about the rise of female investors and how they are different.

Episode four

The unpredictable lifecycle of selling a business

Elliot Cowan from CMS Law sits down with Dan Sawyerr to discuss the complexities within the lifecycle of a business exit. From the consideration for selling your company to the due diligence needed, Elliot and Dan cover real life examples of where these processes have run smoothly, or not as much so.