From the moment you took the leap to get your idea off the ground, to building a successful business and then selling it – there’s no doubt it was hard work all the way.

You may think now is the time to rest easy, but there is one more important job to do: think carefully about what happens with your wealth next.


Clients generally begin working with us around the time they experience their first significant liquidity event; and this requires a subtly nuanced approach. Often the primary asset on a new client’s balance sheet, either is or has been, the shareholding they own in a business that they founded or worked in, so they have been used to enjoying a degree of control.

An exit event changes this dynamic and introduces greater complexity. Initially, we work with clients to attribute purpose to their capital, before addressing how best to structure it based on that purpose. We then go on to develop a suitable investment style and approach based on the family’s needs and objectives.

We see our role as working alongside our clients, their family and other advisers, to ensure that their personal finances are optimised and ultimately, that they are able to define and achieve their objectives – whatever they might be.

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We can help with


We organise and manage your assets, delivering a coherent investment strategy; whilst ensuring your settlement can be structured and invested to serve your needs for a lifetime.


Our investment philosophy is ideal for ensuring your portfolios provide you with a reliable and predictable level of income each year, whilst preserving and enhancing your settlement.


We want you to know and understand what we are doing on your behalf, that’s why you will have the opportunity to meet with your advisor as often as you need and also have access to our online portal.

Case Study

After the Smiths completed the sale of their company for proceeds of c. £20m, they came to us for wealth planning and investment management support. The sale of their business was a life-changing liquidity event, and they needed to carefully consider and plan for their future.


At London & Capital we invite clients to our quarterly webinars known as ‘The Debrief’ where we invite you to sit down with our Chief Investment Officer, Pau Morilla Giner, and Head of the Private Investment Office, Iain Tait. We review the geo-political shifts, cyclical and sectoral changes in the markets and examining London & Capital’s response and views.

We also invite clients to hear from industry experts to get their views on the world.

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