Going through a divorce or suffering a bereavement are probably two of the most life-altering events to happen in anyone’s life. In addition to the emotional upheaval that this causes, these changes also bring financial upheaval, the consequences of which should be handled in a considered manner.

Regardless of your experience or level of financial sophistication, having to take charge of your assets and long-term financial planning, can be a daunting prospect particularly if you have not dealt with this in the past

Not least, because a divorce or bereavement fundamentally changes many aspects that influence your financial plan. For example, you may have done your initial planning based on a dual-income retirement, or the income of an asset that is no longer in your estate. Similarly, you may have different responsibilities such as childcare duties, which could impact your own earning capability.

It is crucial that you re-evaluate your circumstances and previously-held assumptions, and adjust your financial plan accordingly. This has an impact on how hard your investments need to work, in order for you to reach your objectives

In many cases, you may be awarded a settlement after a divorce, or inherit a significant sum of money after a bereavement. While it may sound like a considerable sum of money, it will nonetheless require careful investment planning in order to meet your needs and financial responsibilities.


Complex as this may sound, it can all be simplified by getting advice and the appropriate planning help as soon as you know your circumstances are going to change. Crucially, while family and friends are necessary for emotional support during this time, your financial planning is best left toprofessionals who can work in your best interests.

When embarking on a new investment planning journey, bear in mind the following:

01. Take time to understand your new reality

Your new situation can be daunting , especially if you haven’t dealt with investment and financial aspects before. It is worth taking the time to learn more about your investments to understand what affects your long-term finances.

How London & Capital can help


We believe understanding your investments can make you feel more in control of your journey. We take the time to talk to our clients about all aspects of their plan, whether this involves talking through the basics of the stock market or helping you develop a strategy for future spending. We are on hand to guide and reassure you.

02. Build a plan that works for you

Every person, their circumstances, responsibilities and objectives are different, so ensure that your wealth manager builds a plan focused on you, as opposed to a standard model which you need to fit into.

How London & Capital can help


We understand that no two clients are the same. We take the time to get to know our clients to ensure we build your plan suited to your needs and objectives. Our experience in long-term wealth preservation helps us consider your situation and make realistic goals for spending, future purchases and inheritance or gifting.

03. Look for ongoing professional relationships

As they are planning your financial future, your relationship with your professional advisers is very important. Ensure that you feel comfortable enough to approach your advisers regularly to keep updated and informed of your investment plan, and especially when you experience major changes in your life which may impact your planning.

How London & Capital can help


We understand that your relationship with your advisers is very important. We pride ourselves in being professional and sensible while also being approachable and relatable. Regular contact and client updates are invaluable to maintaining a fruitful ongoing relationship for all parties.

Going through a divorce or bereavement is unsettling in its own right, but by ensuring that you take control of your financial planning – alongside experienced wealth planners – can ensure that your financial stability does not have to suffer as a consequence.

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