Protecting your place in the sun: Expatriates in Spain deserve the personal touch in wealth management

By Diego Pajaro | 03 Apr, 2023

Spain is a dream destination for the wealthy. Incredible history, beautiful weather and the famous Mediterranean lifestyle combine to provide a slice of the good life. London & Capital’s Diego Pajaro explains why internationally-focused wealth management will allow you to secure your finances and focus on enjoying the benefits of la buena vida.

When wealth management is done well, it has a sharp focus on the unique circumstances of the client. Understanding someone’s financial position and lifestyle while taking the time to get to know their priorities helps to make sure their assets are managed properly. Expatriates in Spain have no shortage of suitors to manage their wealth, but this confusing array of options can fall short of what they need most. A personal approach is always appreciated.

Most expatriates in Spain have an international rather than a domestic outlook. The retired businessman from the United Kingdom, the Italian manufacturing executive or the financial services professional from Argentina will always have horizons beyond the Spanish borders. This borderless outlook means a suitable wealth manager needs an international focus and the ability to summon expertise from a global network.

“As an international wealth management firm, we aim to offer something different from those with only a local focus,” says Diego Pajaro, a Senior Client Adviser at London & Capital based in Barcelona. “We take time to get to know our clients and they can rely on the fact our advice is independent. We know that while they may be based in Spain, they are in fact global citizens and we can cater to that.”

Choose professional investing

Expatriate environments are never short of amateur investment advice and wealthy individuals can be particularly susceptible to being targeted by those with big ideas. The temptation to put money into speculative real estate or other opportunities that promise large returns is high, but being aware of the pitfalls is essential. Taking trusted advice from a regulated professional ensures that you don’t get stung and your assets stay protected.

London & Capital offers an alternative to casual or DIY investing. Building an investment portfolio is a central part of any wealth management strategy and an experienced adviser can help you navigate the complexities. Stocks and bonds usually provide the foundation of a balanced investment portfolio. Stocks will rise and fall in value based on the fortunes of a company and offer the prospect of a regular variable dividend payment. Bonds are known as a fixed income product and provide a set return in the form of a coupon before returning their principal value to the investor upon maturity. Investments in commodities, hedge funds or private equity are some of the more common alternative options in a well-managed portfolio. Setting up suitable bank accounts and assessing your cash holdings are other important strands to responsible investment. Sitting down with an adviser and discussing your preferences will ensure you build a portfolio that’s right for you.

Financial planning is another key service that experienced wealth managers provide and it can ensure that your future remains secure. Cashflow models examine your assets and debt along with income and expenditure. Projections can then be created on your financial needs. Mapping out your finances like this can provide a useful guide on how to deploy your assets. This type of advice demonstrates a stark difference between the services offered by a large wealth manager and what is offered by less sophisticated providers. You can be sure with a reputable wealth manager that the goal is not simply to sign you up to a product but to examine your financial situation and provide support across the board.

Seeing the big picture

A good wealth manager can also offer clients consolidated reporting. Wealthy individuals will often find that their financial lives become increasingly complex with multiple accounts and investments spread across a number of different jurisdictions. Consolidated reporting provides a full picture of someone’s wealth by creating a financial statement that brings everything together. This approach gives you an umbrella view of your financial situation and makes managing your assets simpler.

“Modern wealth managers know that our clients tend to be internationally mobile and their finances can become quite complicated,” says London & Capital’s Diego Pajaro. “Consolidated reporting is an essential tool for those looking to clear away the fog on their finances and see things a lot more clearly. This service, along with our in house tax advisors, can protect your wealth by making sure you understand it in depth.”

At London & Capital, we recognise that wealth management should be tailored to the individual so that the best outcomes are achieved. We believe that getting to know you and your financial situation well is the best route to helping you achieve your aims and safeguard your future.


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