London & Capital appoints Dayleen Van Zyl as Chief People Officer

By London & Capital | 12 Jun, 2023

London & Capital is delighted to announce the appointment of Dayleen Van Zyl as Chief People Officer. With her extensive experience and expertise in people management and culture development, Dayleen brings a new dimension to the firm’s leadership team.

Dayleen Van Zyl joins London & Capital with an impressive track record of over twenty years in delivering exceptional people and culture projects across diverse industries and global jurisdictions. Her previous roles in technology and the public sector have provided her with a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and the ability to navigate complex environments.

Throughout her career, Dayleen has excelled in setting up and optimizing HR functions, leading people workstreams during business acquisitions, and designing and implementing innovative reward schemes. She has been instrumental in aligning people strategies with business objectives, collaborating closely with Board and Remuneration Committee members to drive growth and success in both regulated and non-regulated environments.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dayleen Van Zyl to our team as Chief People Officer,” said Guy McGlashan, CEO of London & Capital. “Her appointment reflects our commitment to nurturing a positive and engaging work culture, where our people can thrive and deliver exceptional results. Dayleen’s expertise will be instrumental in driving our people strategy forward and ensuring that our employees remain at the heart of our success.”

Dayleen holds an Honours degree in Industrial Psychology from Rhodes University in South Africa. Her academic background, coupled with her extensive professional experience, equips her with a profound understanding of human behaviour and the drivers of employee engagement and productivity.

As Chief People Officer, Dayleen Van Zyl will play a pivotal role in fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, nurturing talent, and implementing strategies to attract, develop, and retain top industry professionals. By focusing on the well-being and growth of London & Capital’s employees, Dayleen will contribute to the firm’s overall success and its ability to deliver exceptional client experiences.

“I am honoured to join London & Capital as Chief People Officer,” said Dayleen Van Zyl. “I believe that investing in our people and cultivating a strong organisational culture are vital ingredients for sustained success. I look forward to collaborating with the talented individuals at London & Capital and creating an environment where everyone can thrive, grow, and make a meaningful impact.”

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