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Many Americans who live in the UK know that managing finances in two countries is not always straightforward. From filing taxes on both sides of the Atlantic to estate planning and everything in between – it can be a complex process.

In this series, Robert Paul, Partner in the US Family Office, and his panel of experts discuss the major issues that US expats need to navigate when living in the UK.

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Moving to the UK


Before moving to the UK, you need to secure a visa and get your tax affairs in order. Robert Paul and his guests discuss the immigration and tax requirements for Americans.


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Estate Planning 


Americans in the UK need an estate plan that works on both sides of the Atlantic. Find out why the process is more complex for US citizens who live in the UK.                     


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Buying Real Estate


Buying a house may seem a routine exercise, but for Americans in the UK, there are several matters to consider. Find out more about the tax implications in each country.


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Investing in financial markets   


Building an investment portfolio in the UK is not always straightforward for Americans. In this episode, we discuss the ins and outs of investing for US expats.


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Philanthropy is an important part of many Americans’ lives. But it’s not always easy for US expats. Find out about the tax implications and why donor-advised funds may be a solution.


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Robert Paul

Partner & Head of the US Family Office

Robert is a Partner at London & Capital. He provides wealth and investment advice to US-connected private client families and trusts. He specialises in advising families on the structure and asset allocation of their investments within the complex tax regime of the US.

Robert has the Diploma for Financial Advisers, the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 Robert was named ‘Top Recommended’ for international clients in the Top 50 High Net Worth Wealth Manager section of  the Spears 500 index and was named in PAM’s ‘Top 40 under 40’ in 2018.

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