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Specialist investing for Americans

Being an American living overseas comes with many benefits, but also some challenges. Not least, how to ensure your financial affairs are working at their optimum. We have specialised in managing wealth for US investors for 25 years. We are one of the few wealth managers who actively welcome US clients and are both SEC (US) and FCA (UK) regulated. A strong long-term investment track record has allowed us to take a long-term view on behalf of our US clients.

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Our service

Strategic Financial Planning

We can organise and manage our client’s worldwide assets, and deliver a coherent, global investment strategy for our US clients.

Our services 

  • US/EU/UK tax efficient financial planning
  • US/EU/UK pension planning
  • Using US foreign Tax credits
  • Tax planning opportunities
  • Estate planning opportunities
  • Access to Credit Facilities
  • Philanthropy and grants

Investment Strategy

Our investment management is structured to comply with US regulations so that they do not attract highly disadvantageous tax implications. The biggest challenge is to avoid investments classified as Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFICs) and Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs). Strong and successful investment strategies can be undermined by tax and reporting costs.

Our focus

  • US compliant investment strategies
  • Passive US/UK ETF solutions
  • Actively managed Direct Stock and Bond portfolios
  • Multi-currency investing
  • Multi-strategy and multi-asset class portfolios
  • Focus on capital preservation

Consolidated Reporting

Legislation such as Hire Act and FATCA have significantly increased the reporting burden for US and US-linked citizens. We provide consolidated reporting across all our clients UK, US and offshore assets to simplify and unify this process so clients can refer to just one point of contact who understands their financial planning situation in full.

Our services

  • Calendar year reporting
  • Fiscal year reporting
  • Separation of short and long-term gains
  • 1099
  • $/€/£ FX gains and losses

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