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Wealth planning for UK clients

We provide full strategic wealth planning, set out in an initial investment thesis that is wholly unique to you. The thesis provides the guiding principles for the management of your wealth such as income requirements, tax position, retirement planning and a recommendation as to the most appropriate course of action.
The aim is to build a robust and adaptable financial plan that meets your needs and aspirations. The plan may retain sufficient financial flexibility to account for retirement, change of lifestyle, and realise your other financial goals.

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Income planning for retirement

Retirement is not simply about ensuring that money is set aside for old age. It is about looking realistically about if and when to stop working, what needs to be in place for that to happen, how financial requirements may change as you grow older. We have considerable pension expertise within our team with lengthy experience of putting together a well-judged and appropriate retirement plans. Again, we recognise that no two people will have exactly the same ideas about retirement and therefore we are equipped to accommodate a range of options.

Inheritance tax planning

Succession planning is a key concern and challenge for many wealthy individuals, keen to see wealth built up over a lifetime handed to your children, or a charity of choice rather than HMRC. We spend a lot of time mitigating inheritance tax liabilities for our clients through wills and trust planning, gifting and other, more esoteric tax structures.

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