Trust Companies

Wealth management for Trust companies

We understand that professional trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to invest appropriately against the Trusts objectives. With a focus on wealth preservation and long-term performance from working with Trustees for over the last three decades, we have the experience and consistent investment track record to meet each client’s individual needs.

We are one of the few UK managers who specialise in wealth management for clients and trusts with a US connection and partner with some of the world’s leading offshore custodians and top-tier banks.

We travel globally to meet each trustee and take the time to document the appropriateness of our investment strategies to ensure they’re aligned with your desired outcomes.

All investment performance reporting, based on an agreed model with each trustee and independently verified by ARC and Enhance, is presented in an easy to understand format available 24/7 via our online reporting and valuation platform.

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020 7396 3388

Our areas of expertise are:

Preservation and growth of wealth – A long-term investment strategy that aligns with Trust objectives

Committed to our clients – we travel internationally to meet with Trustees regularly

Specialise in Trusts with US connections – Fully US compliant portfolios and reporting

ARC and Enhance verification – third-party verified investment performance track record

Comprehensive reporting – 24/7 access to online reporting and valuations

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