Women's Private Office

Specialist investment services for women

Women now control nearly $40 trillion of private wealth globally, roughly a third of the world's entire wealth* yet remain inadequately served by the wealth management industry, which is too often wedded to the language of the trading floor, rather than the needs of the individuals.
London & Capital’s Women's Private Office recognises that the needs of women are not homogeneous; their wealth may have been generated from entrepreneurship, inheritance, divorce or as a high-salaried professional. However, we have found the women we work with share some key priorities

Money as a means to an end
Money is a means to realise ambitions, to live a fulfilling life. Our clients want a service that allows them more time to spend with family, on charitable works or establishing a legacy. 

A desire to protect their family
It has often taken time, effort and sacrifice to accumulate wealth, and they do not want to risk losing it on a tricky day in the stock market. They want it managed to ensure their family is protected – school fees are paid, the family home is stable and wealth is preserved for future generations.

Typical clients include:
- High-salary professionals
- Entrepreneurs
- UK resident non-domicile
- Divorcees
- Next generation investors

Engagement and communication
Our clients want to ensure that their money is being managed properly and with skill. They want to be kept appropriately informed about the status of their investments and may also want some input into the way they are being managed. Most of all, they want open conversation, honest communication and an enduring relationship, built on long-term trust.

A transparent, jargon-free approach
The wealth management industry has a vested interest in creating complexity,but our clients want a transparent and straightforward approach.

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The Womens’ Private Office offers an all-encompassing wealth management service:

- Multi-generational wealth planning
- Education and financial confidence
- Trusted Advice - Coordinated legal and tax advice
- International and immigration expertise
- Womens’ Hub – network of like-minded professionals and partners
- Cash flow management
- Investment management prioritising capital preservation
- Holistic financial planning, built around life goals, incorporating ISAs and pensions

*Global Wealth 2016: Navigating the New Client Landscape, Boston Consulting Group.