Private Equity Office

Specialist investment services for Private Equity Firms.   

We understand the challenges and intricacies of Private Equity and also understand what motivates those who work in PE, and how best to help them.  Which is why we have a specialist Private Equity division, providing investment services for both PE firms and the professionals within them.

We know that, although those people have their own investment needs, the all-consuming nature of Private Equity means that those needs are often overlooked. We work in partnership with PE firms so they can enjoy access to our wider investment capabilities. These include:

  • Private wealth management for PE partners
  • Private credit solutions
  • Balance sheet investment ideas
  • Bespoke group pensions
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To speak to a member of the Private Equity Office, please call:

020 7396 3388

We specialise in looking after capital for hedge fund and private equity professionals for many years. We currently manage around $1 billion for clients from the alternatives sector; a third of our overall assets.