Defining Moments

By London & Capital's Iain Tait

There are many key decisions in an investor’s path to a secure financial future – whether you have just started to engage with a wealth manager or are seeking to reduce risk in your investment portfolio.

In this series, Iain Tait, Partner & Head of the Private Investment Office at London & Capital, discusses a few of the defining moments on the road to clients’ financial goals.

London & Capital - Iain Tait

Iain Tait

Partner & Head of the Private Investment Office

Iain became a Partner of London & Capital in 2008 and heads the firm's Private Investment Office, which he founded in 2013. The Private Investment Office provides wealth management services for some of the firm’s largest clients.

Prior to joining London & Capital, Iain ran his own wealth management business for five years, in association with Zurich Financial Services Limited, where he built and maintained a significant high net worth client base. Before that, he was a partner at Freeman, Farmer and Anderson Company at only 27.

He has been awarded the Investment Management Certificate, a Diploma in Financial Planning and a BA Hons degree from The University of Manchester. He has been named in CityWealth’s ‘Top Private Bankers & Investment Managers’ leaders list for the past 3 years and was named in PAM ‘Top 40 under 40’ in 2013.

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The 'Forgotten Rich'

The “forgotten rich” are those who’ve outgrown their IFA but don’t require a full family office. If that sounds familiar, read on.

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The Let Go Moment

Entrepreneurs are “always on” and often heavily self-reliant. Then you reach the point in life where you take a step back and bring on a wealth manager.

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An entrepreneur’s capacity for risk in their business life rarely translates into their personal investments. Find out how and why you may need to overcome this fear of loss.

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Managing Risk

Is your portfolio skewed to riskier assets to maintain yield? As the cycle grows longer in the tooth, now might be the time to review your cocktail of assets.

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Being Paid to Wait

Still wanting to invest but worried about the risks this late in the cycle?
So what happens now?

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