Wealth Management

Why we are different

There are a lot of wealth managers who offer a bespoke service that is tailored to your specific needs, but very few actually deliver on this promise. As an independently owned wealth manager with 30 years of experience in the industry, we are one of them. These are the reasons why we believe we stand out from the competition. If you feel London & Capital is the right wealth manager for you, choose from the above options so that we can direct you to the correct team.


We invest for the long-term

It is easy to be seduced by market noise and volatility. However, it is more prudent – and usually more profitable - to stay focused on the longer term, prioritising quality assets that can compound returns over time.

Big enough to deliver; small enough to care

We manage several billion pounds of assets, are regulated by three major regulators and invest directly across multiple asset classes. Yet, our staff is less than 100 and every one of our client relationships matter.

Freedom to act in our clients' best interests

We are independently-owned. This means we’re not incentivised to sell anyone else’s ready-made investment products, but have the freedom and flexibility to offer only those investments that meet our clients’ needs. We can bring a far broader range of investments to build well-structured, carefully balanced and regularly monitored portfolios.

A service built on our clients’ needs

In an industry that can be impersonal, we have clients who have been with us for over three decades because we offer something different. We devote significant resources to serve our clients. Each clients’ needs are met by a senior team comprising wealth managers, portfolio managers and economists.

Transparent fees

Hidden charges can cause a significant drag on returns. Our fees are fixed, straightforward and clear. Nor do we charge upfront fees or exit penalties. We also predominantly use our in-house funds or invest directly which reduces the overall cost for our clients.

Global investment services

Many of our clients have assets across the globe. We are able to manage our clients’ worldwide investments to ensure that all aspects are working in harmony. We are recognised by the FCA, SEC and SFC, we are able to ensure that all our clients’ global investments follow a coherent and efficient strategy.

Secure custody of assets

We only work with the best global custodians to safeguard our clients’ assets. All assets are held in accounts under individual names with full visibility on all investments.

Our interests are completely aligned

We only prosper when our clients do. Our fees are charged as a percentage of the assets we manage on their behalf. We structure investments to achieve the maximum return to suit our clients’ requirements, while only taking appropriate and considered risk.


The investment industry has acknowledged London & Capital for the skills of our investment professionals, the successful performance of our portfolios and the high standards of service we deliver to all our clients. The following is a selection of the awards we have won over the past few years.

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