What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored in your computer or mobile phone’s internet browser (e.g Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari). They are usually used by websites to improve services for you, to find out more information about the popularity of a website and for delivering more relevant advertising.

How does London & Capital use cookies?

London & Capital use cookies for a number of purposes listed below.

1. Site performance cookies

Our portal uses cookieAcceptance to indicate whether to show the cookie acceptance popup, this expires 1 year after accepting the cookie policy. ASP.Net_SessionId cookie is required for any authentication/login and is needed to keep track of any information used across a session, this cookie expires after the session. We also use yourAuthCookie which expires after you log out.

Can I use London & Capital’s portal without cookies?

Our portal can not be used without the cookies above, these are essential for the portal to function and to provide you with the best possible experience. If you access the London & Capital portal, then you accept the use of these cookies.

Where can I read more information?

You can read more information by visiting All About Cookies and Your Online Choices.