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When an entrepreneur sells a business that they have spent decades building, it can come as a bit of shock. You’ve handed over the keys to your office and you’re not the boss any more… so, what now?

In a surreal way, after being in charge for decades, you’re starting from scratch and having to learn again. For the first time in a long time you have a free calendar ahead of you. Time for that trip you’ve planning, the new venture you’ve been mulling over, or to sit back and enjoy the benefits of your hard work.


Many people in this position may not have given a lot of thought and planning for what happens next. Many entrepreneurs take their working life one financial quarter at a time, always with an eye on targets and dedicating huge amounts of their time and energy into their business. The period after work can be a stark change for many and 44% of business owners admit to feeling isolated after selling. Planning for the next stage and, in particular, financial planning, is crucial for life post-sale.

A staggering 80% of savers underestimate how much they need to retire. Building and selling a business is a fantastic achievement, but if you don’t know how much you ideally need, outgoings can quickly erode a windfall, with some former business owners having to return to work years after a sale. A nightmare scenario for a lot of people.


After a business sale, crucial decisions need to be made about how your windfall is allocated. For instance, how much would you want to put away for your children’s inheritance? How much should be invested? What about tax liabilities? Your main goal now is to ensure that your new wealth is working just as hard for you, as you did for the company that created it. Cashflow modelling can be hugely useful here in mapping out how long a windfall would last in various scenarios.

Ultimately, with your wealth realised and no longer tied up in the value of your business, you may have to adapt to a new level of affluence. This doesn’t just mean getting used to your more leisurely lifestyle, it means ensuring you have the planning in place to protect your assets. Here, qualified financial advice can be extremely helpful in deciding how best to manage your riches.


As well as the money, decisions need to be made about you. You’ve sold your business, what do you want to do now? You may feel initially lost but this is a truly exciting time and you’ve earned the right to pursue your ambitions. Do you want to be fully retired or to remain in the working world in some capacity – as a venture capitalist or non-executive director for instance? Or do you have philanthropic causes close to your heart that you’d like to spend more time championing? This can all depend on the size of your new wealth and it’s important to understand what’s feasible – again this is where strategic financial advice plays a crucial role. Our team at London & Capital don’t just help clients contend with the technicalities of pensions and tax planning, we help them realise their wishes and make them reality. Essentially, we put them back in charge.

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