“Our portfolios are designed to compound growth but, importantly, control downside risk and preserve capital in adverse economic conditions and financial market stress.

We believe delivering at these times, when it matters most, is crucial to outperforming the market over the long term and enhancing client wealth”.


Pau Morilla Giner Chief Investment Officer London and Capital Wealth and Asset Management

Chief Investment Officer



  • Global and strategic investment mindset
  • Asset allocation and security selection is actively managed and we do not constrain ourselves to benchmarks
  • Resilience delivered through investment portfolios with high quality and income at their core
  • We take internal ownership of the investment and risk management process by investing directly in fixed income and equity markets




  • Proven and differentiated investment approach to preserving and compounding family wealth over the long-term
  • Experienced and successful investment team of dedicated asset class specialists
  • Directly invested and actively managed core global strategies in fixed income and equities, complimented by carefully selected diversifying alternative managers
  • High degree of client access, engagement and transparency with investment team




At London & Capital (L&C), our long-term approach is central to our investment philosophy. And ESG-aware investing is fundamentally aligned with the key tenet – investing for the long-term in assets with sustainability and resilience, where risks can be actively managed.

Our three-pronged ESG proposition allows clients to continue to reap these benefits whilst also selecting the level of ESG integration they want in their portfolio and gives them the ability to fine tune what balance of E, S or G they’d like to focus on.

Our ESG proposition has three layers:

  • Integration
  • Negative Screening
  • Thematic Investing

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  • Resilience at the core – we believe a core of high quality companies that deliver downside protection (which we refer to as ‘STAR’ companies) is crucial to outperformance; complemented by satellite themes designed to exploit mega-trends and tactical opportunities
  • Active – our equity strategies are actively managed, with high conviction and are not tied to benchmarks
  • Fundamental – to identify opportunities and gain a full understanding of risks, we apply a disciplined and rigorous approach to our macroeconomic and credit analysis
  • Disciplined and repeatable – our process takes a consistent approach to identifying opportunities, combining quantitative screening and bottom-up qualitative due diligence

Roger Jones Head of Equities London and Capital

“Our overarching belief in equity investing is that avoiding significant downturns is essential in maximising longer term growth. As such, our equity strategy is focused on a core of high quality compounding companies.”

Head of Equities



Fixed Income

  • Strategically focused – we identify themes that will deliver longer term outcomes for our investors
  • Unconstrained – we are not wedded to benchmarks and search for value and absolute growth in a full range of fixed income securities
  • Fundamental – we identify opportunities and fully understand the risks involved. We apply a disciplined and rigorous approach to our macroeconomic and credit analysis
  • Risk controlled – when investing in ‘higher beta’ areas of fixed income, to maximise returns, we aim to control volatility of returns through portfolio diversification and the use of derivatives to manage duration and credit risk

Sanjay Joshi Head of Fixed Income London and Capital Wealth and Asset Management

“We believe outperformance is delivered through a selective and unconstrained approach, identifying value across asset classes, sectors and countries through a combination of disciplined top-down and bottom-up analysis.”

Head of Fixed Income

Alternative Investments

  • Market context – we take a top-down macro and market based approach to evaluating opportunities and informing investment decisions
  • Access – our network of industry relationships and databases are used to identify new hedge fund strategies
  • Risk – we employ a robust due diligence process, both from an investment and operational perspective, to ensure each fund meets a high set of standards and ultimately delivers attractive risk adjusted
    returns over the long term

Kristian Richmond Head of Alternative Investments London and Capital

“Our approach to alternative investments is to provide true diversification to traditional asset class exposures. We utilise a robust due diligence process to identify and exploit alphas which are complementary to our clients’ portfolios.”

Head of Alternative Investments

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