Wealth management for Institutions

Too often Institutions are provided an ‘off-the-peg’ investment solution, rather than one that genuinely fits their needs. We focus on growing and protecting capital through intelligent investments by creating a segregated investment portfolio that is in line with the needs of institution and is optimised for growth, capital preservation, risk management and liquidity. We manage over $1bn on a discretionary basis for these clients, which include insurance providers, banks and supranational organisations.

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Investment Management for Institutions

Our primary business is investment management services for large institutions for whom we create:

  • Segregated investments portfolios which are actively managed and optimised for growth, capital preservation and liquidity.
  • Assets are held by independent custodians and when required can be designed to be fully admissible for collateral purposes.
  • We involve our clients in the process as much as possible, providing bespoke monthly or quarterly portfolio reporting. We are regularly seen reporting at our clients Board meetings.
  • Clients are kept fully informed on the progress of their investments which comply with the unique details of the agreed investment policy statement.

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Cell Captives Investment Management

Our second area of specialism serves Cell Captive entities. Too often asset managers working within the Captive insurance industry focus on catering only for the needs of larger Captives which has led to consolidation across the sector. As smaller Captives are underserved London & Capital set up a Cell Captives service that pools the resources of a number of members to enable them to access asset allocations and investment strategies that otherwise only the larger funds enjoy.

The direct benefits to the Cell Captives are:

  • Bespoke investment solutions created according to the needs of the client
  • US tax compliant solutions
  • Global investment access to multiple asset classes
  • Experienced investment team with extensive knowledge of insurance market
  • Segregated accounts with minimum of $200k investment
  • 24/7 client online reporting.
  • Portfolio governance on entry, premature exit rules and liquidity constraints.

We provide an attentive service at quarterly meetings, often with the entity’s Management Board. At these meetings we review; investment performance, changing investment objectives and the financial needs of the entity. We also provide a range of essential information, including regular performance valuation and board reports, to enable you and your service provider to meet fiduciary responsibilities.

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