• Compliant Reporting

Compliant Reporting

Compliance and financial reporting requirements across the globe have increased as the weight of regulation has increased and regulators have become tighter and more co-ordinated in their enforcement of financial regulation. These requirements are complex, and the penalties for non-compliance are severe.

US citizens must deal with legislation such as the Hire Act and FATCA, which has significantly increased their reporting burden. In Continental Europe, the AIFMD and MIFID are bringing additional requirements for businesses and investors, while in the UK, the Retail Distribution Review and changes to the regulatory structure have imposed new requirements.

Having spent years planning wealth for clients, London & Capital provide full, compliant reporting to the major global regulators. This reporting extends across our clients’ UK, US and offshore assets to simplify and unify the process so clients can have just one point of contact who understands their financial planning situation in full and can organise all compliance on their behalf. Equally, we have the capacity to adapt these reporting structures to match individual requirements.

The consequences of poorly managed compliance and reporting are far-reaching. It is not something that clients should have to fear. We position ourselves as the ultimate ‘safe pair of hands’.