About us

History of London & Capital

London & Capital opened its doors in 1986, five weeks after the deregulation of the London financial markets on October 27th 1986 – known as ‘Big Bang’. The new environment allowed for a new type of wealth manager: We helped pioneer an approach where wealth managers worked directly with investors, with their aims and goals in mind, rather than one where middle-men took a chunk of investor returns.

Every client is individual, with different assets, different requirements and – most importantly – different goals. Our underlying approach is to look after our clients with skill, care and an awareness of their long-term needs. Then our business will look after itself.

Our values


We work with a person, rather than for an investor. We take the time to get to know you as an individual and to understand your goals, then work with you to help you achieve them.

Investment choice

Because we are independently owned, we can offer you a broader and more varied choice of investments, which we believe will suit your individual needs. No two people are the same, so why should your investments be?


Our priority is to preserve your capital, by having the courage to be cautious.

The London & Capital Foundation

We believe that it’s important to be both economically and socially responsible. We set up the Foundation in 2005 and have donated over £500,000 to date. The Foundation focuses on ‘helping to relieve poverty and sickness in children worldwide” through donating to carefully chosen programmes globally. The trustees are drawn from our staff who offer their time and skills to selected charities.

Executive Committee

Through our entrepreneurial culture we encourage everyone to contribute towards the success of our business and find innovative investment solutions for our clients. We have a supportive and collaborative environment where our teams share ideas and work together to make intelligent investment choices. Our reputation is our greatest asset and we expect all our staff to behave with honesty and integrity at all times.